Welcome to the 30 days challenges
  • The 30 days challenges

    8 Sep 2019 by

    Plan less, do more! Hello, So… I’m sitting here once again thinking about all my plans for the summer. As it happens, summer is over for about a week now, and all I can think about is that I blew it. I feel like I have failed to take advantage of all the extra time… Read more

  • 1st Challenge: Day 20 – The power of a definitive end

    30 Sep 2019 by

    This day I woke up with a feeling of anxiety. We are finally starting classes at the centre and according to the lists I got I will be meeting over 50 new students this week. If they all show up, there will be over 60 in total, but I already know 10 of them from… Read more

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